Our Veterans bravely protect our country but many are not prepared for life’s financial pressures.  We decided to do something about that.

Veteran Financial Freedom Initiative (VFF)

Naples Wealth Planning and Agile Capital have come together to present an offering designed specifically for active members of the military, veterans and disabled veterans. We believe these individuals should have access to high quality investments and financial advice, and we are here to help make that happen. For no cost, we can give you access to leading edge financial planning software and determine your risk number.  And most importantly, Naples Wealth Planning and Agile Capital leverage Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ sponsored by Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory, Inc. ("SWIA") to bring you a very low-cost solution that charges you no management fee under the first $20,000, no commissions and no account service fees - leaving you with more money to invest. (See Disclaimer)



Deployed & on the go

Whether you're deployed overseas or stationed at home, you need to be able to manage your finances anywhere anytime.


raising Your family

Your kids, your spouse or partner and your family mean the world to you. Planning your finances means planning for your lives.


Planning & investing

Buying your home, paying your bills, paying for college and other expenses are important for both your present and future.

30 Min Free Financial Planning Consultation

After you've signed up for Veteran Money and added in your data, you can benefit from a FREE 30 minute financial planning consultation with one of our experts. We'll go over your goals, discuss your use of Veteran Money and learn more about you. We'll create a customized financial plan just for you free of charge.

1. Free support for Veteran Money platform set up
2. Free financial planning consultation
3. Free financial plan customized for you based on your goals and specific situation
4. Free ongoing financial insight, educational tips and best practices via our Veteran community
5. Free annual checkup (15-20 minutes) to review your progress and offer guidance

Get Your Head Start


Make your money work for you. Get a head start with us. Using our Veteran Money Toolkit, free financial advice and tips through our community and working with our financial advisors, you can learn how to manage and grow your money.

Our goal is to help veterans get ahead. To make this possible, we offer free financial management advice and tools without any fees for the first $20,000 you invest. This helps you build your savings, put away nest egg and get a head start.

After you have achieved this goal, you can choose to work with us at your discretion and use our services to further invest and grow your money. We charge a nominal fee that is very competitive in the industry and also 2 discounts - one for veterans (25% off) and one for disabled veterans (50% off).

Build your nest egg, protect yourself and your family and grow your money for the future.

Our Hotline

Call us with any questions at (239) 593-2100. We're happy to help.